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This is an all-natural supplement which is marketed as the ideal post-workout recovery option. They claim extreme results but dont necessarily state what they really are. The website unfortunately offers little to no real information about what to expect from the supplement except improving overall recovery after a workout. http://alphafuelx720.com/

Generally, if you have been working out for some time, you may already know that the time immediately following a workout is actually very important as it is the time your body recovers and requires replenishment of nutrients and vitamins. Usually after a workout you experience a crash and require a boost in energy levels to continue about your day. By pumping your body with the required nutrients to replenish what you have used up during your workout will help improve and boost your gains.

They claim that the ingredients in the supplement will help deliver nutrients to the body that are essential to help you recover following a workout. The unique blend in Alpha Fuel will cut recovery time and restore and revitalize your muscles.

Aside from this, you wont get much information regarding what the supplement does from the website.

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